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Gift car rehab (19)

Created on: 13 Mar 2011
Rehabilitation of the THS Gift car...Car was stripped to the beams (good thing since we found huge holes in the floor) New cement, new plywood, new carpet, new cabinets, then full body work, electrical and paint job.
  • inside the Gift Car, new wall going up
  • View of the new hallway
  • The entrance as the cabinets start going in
  • Long line of new cabinets along hallway wall
  • Gift car stripped bare, you can see the rails thru the holes in the floor
  • Did I mention the holes in the floor?
  • Body rot
  • More body rot
  • Floor after beams, substeel and cement
  • Ben workin hard installing the hallway walls
  • Cabinets looking north
  • Martin aka Mr Electric, hard at work
  • Heater installed behind counter area
  • Bonnie hard at work sanding the hallway walls
  • Vestibules have been sanded, primed and repainted
  • almost done, carpet is in
  • the hat rack
  • the new check out counter, new windows are in, you can actually see outside now
  • the snack cabinet and coke cooler
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