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Mechanical Department                                                                     Updated 4/25/21

This page is about the functions of the Mechanical Department. For information on the current schedule of work sessions, please see note at bottom.



It all started here. After two years of rehabilitation, M-1's shakedown cruise, 9/12/92

M-1, (Budd 5006) built 5/50

Owned by URHS - leased by NYS&WT&HS

Status: Currently getting mechanical and interior repairs

M-2, (Budd 5007) built 5/50

Owned by NYS&WT&HS

Status: Vandalized, work will continue after M-1 is in service

M-4, (Budd 5108) built 10/50

Owned by NYS&WT&HS

Status: Was used for shop/storage area. Purchased from two of our members. To be refurbished as a trailer (cab car).

#142 on its first trip to Pincher's Point with ex-L.I.R.R. cars in tow , 10/31/10

Built 5/1989 Tang Shen Locomotive Works from a 1930's ALCO design

BDRV Track Update

The Black River System became part of the Chesapeake & Delaware System. Attention to our track is often lost in the myriad of other track projects going on system-wide. We have not gained any additional mileage in a while but still hope to reach Riegelsville in some near future. The Society has received a grant to rebuild the station there. Clearing the property has been done and pouring of a concrete foundation is the next step in the process.


2018 saw the construction of our new shop building. The second track has been placed in service and both tracks are in serious use, both inside and outside the building.  The building project is not over, still lacking utilities. Track 3 outside the building has been cleared and surveyed.

At this update, 142 is still in the process of its 15-year inspection. There is much progress now and it should be back on the road later this year. 501 still getting body work to be made into our permanent snack bar car. 530 power car 33 and bi-level 202 are are back in service. 531 and M-1 are now inside. 


Locomotive #18, (Plymouth) built 1938

18 ton industrial switcher with Cummins diesel (replaced gasoline engine in 1976 at Morris County Central RR), four speed reversible transmission and chain drive to both axles. Original owner - Drew Chemical, Boonton, NJ.

Status: It will serve for track work in the future. When it is lettered, it will be named for late member Wayne Nilsen.

Photos: M. Den Bleyker  While all mechanical work is now based in the new shop, #18 still resides at the old facility.

Weekend work at the shop generally starts 8:00 am. 

From the home page, "Upcoming Events" has been used in the past for work schedule updates but has not been lately. Contact Mechanical @ for directions or further information. Reason: work is subject to Covid regulations and volunteers are generally only allowed on weekends. Advance notice is required for new persons.

Note: Working conditions are subject to the rules of the railroad

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