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Fall, 1988 - formed to preserve the history of the NYS&W and its predecessors, railroads in New Jersey and railroads in general. Started with quarterly meetings in a Wyckoff ambulance company hall and xerography newsletter, The Susquehanna Reflector.

Early 1989 - Society assigned M-1 in. Exterior quickly repainted and car displayed in Hoboken October 7th First calendar published end of 1989 (for 1990) New Jersey Transit sponsors two weekends of Ski Trains the Society staffs M-1 moved to Newfoundland, work begins July 14, 1990 Susquehanna Seebees re-creates Susquehanna Transfer and cleans up Ridgefield Park September 8, 1990 - Society’s first excursion– 3 classes of service, including dining with Susquehanna chinaware and side tour to Sterling Hill Mine November 1990 - Reflector goes to print 1991 - NYSW expects its steam engine in March, but it sinks in Bay of Bengal June 7 en route after delay in obtaining a ship Meetings, now bi-monthly, moved to St Clement’s Church in Hawthorne in September Susquehanna Outing returns for two days in October – run-bys and M-1 inspection in Newfoundland – Shortly afterward, NYSW buys 142 1992 - Starting March, meetings now moved to Wyckoff Public Library Society acquires Plymouth #18 NYSW runs steam excursions Hawthorne-Butler with Society’s help in summer September 12 - M-1 makes its test run, followed by 9/26 Whippany Day, 9/27 D&R, 10/9 Hoboken Festival, 12/19 Santa Claus (Newfoundland) 1993 - M-1 runs Bunny Trips 4/3, Susquehanna Transfer-Warwick 5/1, Syracuse 5/15, Hoboken Festival 9/11, Scranton 9/17 and returns to Whippany/D&R 10/2-3 The first rumblings of insurance issues begin with the High Speed Rail Act of 1993 1994 - Winter, the shop roof collapses and the building is eventually condemned and torn down 10/5 Reflector publishes first colorized print in April, color photo September and all-color cover December Jim Thorpe bus trip 9/17 April 1997 - Society acquires M-2 and M-4 Society runs October trips again with full train and steam and M-1 Xmas trips expand to High Bridge line March 1999 meetings extended to include a yearly meeting in Cortland NY for Northern Division members as part of Marathon weekend. This would last until Marathon no longer runs trains During 2002, a new shop building is erected in Butler to replace Newfoundland – the Maywood Restoration Committee is formed and absorbed into the Society to restore Maywood Station, which began work June 3. Station eventually becomes home to NYS&W archives. During 2003, track was installed in Butler building. Society received THSX mark. By this time, we purchased 142, five LI cars, nine SPVs and nine Metra B bi-levels. Six bi-levels and two SPVs were traded away for four NYSW (ex-LI) cars and other benefits, and will gain a caboose on static display in Maywood. The SPVs and 4 of the 5 LI cars would be scrapped by 2011. The Society is restricted to trips on New Jersey Transit due to “insurance reasons” – Society buys 142 and looks for a permanent home for operations May 1, 2004 - Delaware River Railroad Excursions operation begins on 3-1/2 miles of the Bel-Del 2005 – July General Meeting moved to Phillipsburg, combined with picnic and historic tour 2006 - Society starts the Warren County Winery Train, which won a tourism award, obtains Quik-Chek as a sponsor and is licensed by Warner Brothers for the Polar Express 2009 – Society runs first Thomas the Tank Engine event, licensed by H.I.T. Entertainment. Once again gains a tourism award. 2010 – General Meetings moved to Maywood Library due to renovation in Wyckoff Library. In October, Bel-Del operation becomes double original length at 7 miles. Starting January, 2018, a new shop is erected in Phillipsburg for equipment maintenance.
“Snow with a sunset”
Greg and Frank as usual!
Hank, Greg, Devin
John Oct. 29,2011
Don and Gary Oct. 29,2011
Oct. 29, 2011
Don C. working on 3254
Steaming into Mine Station
The moon over Easton from Lehigh Junction one cold winter night.
Easton Lights
The moon setting over Easton one cold winter night.
A rare shot of 142 departing Lehigh Junction on a snowy Saturday afternoon. Oct 29, 2011
A rare shot of 142 departing Lehigh Junction on a snowy Saturday afternoon. Oct 29, 2011
Greg Smokey Ruch
M-1 leaving Butler for Croxton, and eventually to Phillipsburg.
M-1 in Allentown Yard. 8-8-11 @ 4:30 PM
M-1 in Allentown Yard in the consist with other cars due to go up the Portland Secondary. 8-8-11 @ 4:30 PM.
M-1 in Allentown Yard. 8-8-11 @ 4:30 PM
M-1 in Allentown Yard. 8-8-11 @ 4:30 PM
M-1 in Allentown Yard. 8-8-11 @ 4:30 PM
The finished product. The bricks with curved ends are edge bricks.
Waiting for the bricks to set up.
Making bricks for 142's firebox. The material has the consistency of damp sand.
The plastic lining protects the mold and makes removing the finished bricks easier.
Even the molds to make the bricks had to be made in house.
Molds used to form the edge bricks.
A little HELP here!
Clearing up the RofW!
KB & John
I wonder what's in here!
Easter Train 2011, look at all those eggs!!!
Easter Trains 2011
Catching up on Safety Rules!
Making sure Rule Books are up to date
What's my next class?
Are we done yet!
Stewie keeping an eye on Martin as he works on the gift car electric
Loving the ice!
Loving the seas!
Loving the slopes!
Loving the sand!
Looking beautiful, out in the sun for the first time!
All finished, with lettering applied.
Top coat on the opposite side of the car.
Finally the top coat has been applied!
The ends of the cars were painted black.
All primed and ready for a top coat.
The installation of new window gaskets was critical to the stabilization of the car.
The roof was completely sanded down, primed and a new silver paint applied.
Sanding and body work under way.
New window gaskets have been installed and body work is under way.
All done, the interior is complete.
The seats are being installed!
The carpet is installed and the seat frames are going back in!
A beautiful new commercial grade carpet is being installed.
The rotten sections have been replaced!
Removing and replacing the damaged portions of the floor.
The sub floor was rotten and needed to be removed and replaced. Water had been leaking in from the old window gaskets.
Here you can see the condition of the floor after the seats were removed.
The rubber floor needed to be removed!
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