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Fall, 1988 - formed to preserve the history of the NYS&W and its predecessors, railroads in New Jersey and railroads in general. Started with quarterly meetings in a Wyckoff ambulance company hall and xerography newsletter, The Susquehanna Reflector.

Early 1989 - Society assigned M-1 in. Exterior quickly repainted and car displayed in Hoboken October 7th First calendar published end of 1989 (for 1990) New Jersey Transit sponsors two weekends of Ski Trains the Society staffs M-1 moved to Newfoundland, work begins July 14, 1990 Susquehanna Seebees re-creates Susquehanna Transfer and cleans up Ridgefield Park September 8, 1990 - Society’s first excursion– 3 classes of service, including dining with Susquehanna chinaware and side tour to Sterling Hill Mine November 1990 - Reflector goes to print 1991 - NYSW expects its steam engine in March, but it sinks in Bay of Bengal June 7 en route after delay in obtaining a ship Meetings, now bi-monthly, moved to St Clement’s Church in Hawthorne in September Susquehanna Outing returns for two days in October – run-bys and M-1 inspection in Newfoundland – Shortly afterward, NYSW buys 142 1992 - Starting March, meetings now moved to Wyckoff Public Library Society acquires Plymouth #18 NYSW runs steam excursions Hawthorne-Butler with Society’s help in summer September 12 - M-1 makes its test run, followed by 9/26 Whippany Day, 9/27 D&R, 10/9 Hoboken Festival, 12/19 Santa Claus (Newfoundland) 1993 - M-1 runs Bunny Trips 4/3, Susquehanna Transfer-Warwick 5/1, Syracuse 5/15, Hoboken Festival 9/11, Scranton 9/17 and returns to Whippany/D&R 10/2-3 The first rumblings of insurance issues begin with the High Speed Rail Act of 1993 1994 - Winter, the shop roof collapses and the building is eventually condemned and torn down 10/5 Reflector publishes first colorized print in April, color photo September and all-color cover December Jim Thorpe bus trip 9/17 April 1997 - Society acquires M-2 and M-4 Society runs October trips again with full train and steam and M-1 Xmas trips expand to High Bridge line March 1999 meetings extended to include a yearly meeting in Cortland NY for Northern Division members as part of Marathon weekend. This would last until Marathon no longer runs trains During 2002, a new shop building is erected in Butler to replace Newfoundland – the Maywood Restoration Committee is formed and absorbed into the Society to restore Maywood Station, which began work June 3. Station eventually becomes home to NYS&W archives. During 2003, track was installed in Butler building. Society received THSX mark. By this time, we purchased 142, five LI cars, nine SPVs and nine Metra B bi-levels. Six bi-levels and two SPVs were traded away for four NYSW (ex-LI) cars and other benefits, and will gain a caboose on static display in Maywood. The SPVs and 4 of the 5 LI cars would be scrapped by 2011. The Society is restricted to trips on New Jersey Transit due to “insurance reasons” – Society buys 142 and looks for a permanent home for operations May 1, 2004 - Delaware River Railroad Excursions operation begins on 3-1/2 miles of the Bel-Del 2005 – July General Meeting moved to Phillipsburg, combined with picnic and historic tour 2006 - Society starts the Warren County Winery Train, which won a tourism award, obtains Quik-Chek as a sponsor and is licensed by Warner Brothers for the Polar Express 2009 – Society runs first Thomas the Tank Engine event, licensed by H.I.T. Entertainment. Once again gains a tourism award. 2010 – General Meetings moved to Maywood Library due to renovation in Wyckoff Library. In October, Bel-Del operation becomes double original length at 7 miles. Starting January, 2018, a new shop is erected in Phillipsburg for equipment maintenance.
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