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Hello All.

I bring some sad news. Bill Nadasky, Member and Trustee, passed away last week. He will be missed. His work ethic, his laughter and friendship cannot be replaced. Till we meet at end of track.

Here are some updates for the Society. Our "new" to us car has arrived, We have started work on it to get it ready for service. It is a ex Erie Lackawanna Comet 1 coach 1705 we purchased from the Lackawanna Dining Car Society. It is destined to be our new Snack/Hot chocolate/Santa/Bunny car. This way we can clean out the M-1 and put it back to what it should be. We are putting the 142 back together, a lot has been done to it and a lot more needs to get done. We have been cycling cars in and out giving them some much needed TLC. Once the seasons finishes, we will give the coaches a more one on one look to stabilize the exteriors and make them look good. With the new Shop we can do this since we can have more than one project INSIDE at a time. 

For our Members, we will be concentrating our efforts in the Shop on our fleet and the 142 so we need you to come on out help. We need help working on repairs, and other areas. There will be a lot going on and your help is needed to make it happen.

For those who are not already Members and want to get involved, we ask you to join our society by clicking "JOIN" and follow the instructions, and thank you, in advance, for your help! 

For those who wish additional information on our Society, please click HERE and we will get back to you.

Come join me “Out on the Rails”.

John Stocker

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